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How do I know I have a wart?

Generally warts are painful. They start off as small lesions which can multiply or become larger. It may appear to be a tiny red, brown or black spot. These may grow several centimeters in size. These are generally seen on the bottom of the feet. When touched these lesions may bleed.

What is a wart?
A wart is an infection caused by a virus, which can invade the skin through small cuts or breaks. Over time this develops into a rough, hard growth on the surface on the skin.

How are they treated?
There are many ways to treat this. Most treatments will depend on the size and location of the wart as well as the general health of the patient. There are medications that can be applied on this. Surgical or laser removal as well. Dr Wood has the latest treatment which includes addressing the virus with a medication called Bleomycin. This is delivered via an injectionless system! Can you imagine?? A shot with no needle. Our pediatric patients love this as well as adults who want a less painful way to treat these!

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