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This is one of the most common podiatric problems that our doctor sees. Most people will come in complaining that the heel hurts. They generally cannot recall any trauma and notice that it will hurt the most in the morning time. Most patients will note that the first few steps cause extreme pain and find themselves either limping or shuffling to get to the bathroom.

What is Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain?
The fascia is a ligament –like band of tissue that runs from the heel to the ball of your foot. This may become strained over time and lose its ability to stretch. When this happens a pulling occurs around the heel and subsequent pain results. Sometimes the fibers are pulled and there is actually some bleeding around the heel bone. This will cause extra bone to be laid down and a heel spur results. This spur can easily be seen on x ray. Sometimes you may even get a condition called bursitis. This is when a bursa( or a small fluid filled sac) forms between the ligament and the bone. This will also cause pain.

Patient history is very important in diagnosing this problem. Dr. Wood is very careful to listen to how your symptoms present and what relieves or exacerbates it. An X-ray is usually performed as well. This allows us to see any boney pathology that could be missed.

Dr. Wood believes that 95% of all heel pain can be treated conservatively. This may include different modalities such as stretching, icing, padding, orthotics, taping, night splints, NSAID’s, steroid injections, and PRP injections. Dr. Wood also uses physical therapy as well. If the conservative treatment fails, then surgical options including minimally invasive procedures or open release of the ligament may be performed.

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