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What are hammertoes?
In general hammertoe describes the buckling of any of the toe joints. This can include the joint at the end of the toe, middle or even the base. Sometime the toe will curl up or become stiff and won’t bend anymore.

FLEXIBLE JOINT- This is when you can straighten the toe with your fingers. The toe may be painful or look bad to the patient, but it is not stiff and can easily be reduced.

RIGID JOINT- This is when the toe will not straighten. There may be an associated corn or callus with this as well.

Both of these will cause pain and difficulty when wearing a shoe. Both of these can be surgically corrected.

If the symptoms are mild and the toes are flexible then sometime all that is needed is a soft tissue procedure .The tendons can be released or rebalanced to allow the toe to sit in a corrected position. Once this becomes a rigid joint, Dr. Wood will need to remove some bone in order to get the toe straight. On occasion an implant can even be used to maintain length, function, and appearance of the foot.

After Surgery
The patient will go home in a post op shoe or boot to be worn and this may be worn up to 4 weeks depending on which procedure was done. Afterwards proper shoes that are long or wide enough are very important.

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